Sponsored Video-Looper

This film year has been a bit poor and new ideas felt like that. Where many sought to be innovative, it has spelled out in total. The Sci-Fi rolls turned out to look like a cut out of any game. Old fairy tales and remakes have also been seen. But Looper seems to have screwed up the volume a little bit even though the parallels can be pulled with another movie. The longer the story is thought out and everything around flows as it should, I think it’s gonna be awesome.

We will see grandfather Bruce Willis. During all the years I grow up with his movies, he has just become a little older. To be born in 55, he looks quite well-preserved. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become increasingly sought after by the film industry. We are seeing more and more of him and begin to put his humming on the memory. The same can be said about Emily Blunt.

Premiere 28th September then. Get to the nearest cinema for some Friday night.

Looper unfolds in a future where time travel has become a daily food and mafia high tech. Joe is the professional murderer whose targets are in other era and whose executions threaten to change both the present and the future. One day he gets a mission like anything else, but when he identifies the goal, he realizes that it’s his future I must eliminate.

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