Breaking Dawn Part 2

The action bit short: Bella gets a daughter. Volturi finds out this and believes that Cullens has created an immortal child. They pack up their penalties and go away to wipe out the guilty ones.


Time ran away like water and hips-vips, so the film was over. Then he did not get tired and start to overhaul the details. As my husband said earlier-no matter what they are backing up, I will say that it was cruel. There is actually something in the whole. As I leave the cinema, I’m breaking the joy, I just want to pat my hands and scream how much I thought about it. Therefore I have let a few passes before I write this.

All important parts are included and the seasoning at the end is necessary, otherwise, the film would be deadly to see. The only negative is, of course, the digital child. She is proof that the person who worked with digitization went a bit too far. Many people looked plastic for that matter. Big difference between vampires from movie 1 and movie 5. I obviously prefer how they looked at the beginning.

Bella, I have cut off throughout the series. She has been so stubborn, insecure and just strange in every way. I love the new Bella! She is strong and determined. All the little ticks that belonged to her are gone. Even her speech has improved. She gets angry and dresses her. The conclusion is that they have managed very well to show the difference between a human being and a vampire. But as many sayings, it’s probably the feeling you get immediately afterward. That’s why I think the movie was very good.

Then we were at the end of this strange and fanatic carousel. Now, just go to the cinema, see the last part and try to focus their attention on something else while waiting for a remake.

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