21 Jump street

21 Jump Street

High School is a miserable period for many who just want to get through it and forget about it. Schmit and Jenko went out at the same time and were taken to the same police school where they became friends and longing to be a couple of bad ass cries.

Well done graduates end up on an undercover mission only because they look young enough (not because they are any good at all) in their old school as they left a while ago. They will trace the source of chemical drugs spread throughout school pupils and are really dangerous.

Every time you laugh, you extend your life a few minutes has been said. My life has probably been a week longer! It’s such a movie that hurts the cheeks and cramps the belly of laughter! Jonah Hill looks a little different than we are used to seeing him the same also applies to Channing Tatum who looks almost childish.

Johnny Depp turns up at the end of the game for a few seconds and it should apparently be associated with the series he was in in the 80’s with the same name. Anyway, it’s incredible. Or what did you think?

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